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Konstruktorska Office Development

INVESTOR: Acciona Nieruchomości

LOCATION: Mokotów, Warsaw PL

SIZE: 41 066 m2 lettable area / 82 445 m2 gross

Konstruktorska Office Development is designed as a multi-tenant office building with regard to flexible and effective floor plan.
Car parking for tenants and for visitors is located in the underground, hidden from view and not interfering with pedestrian traffic. Limited parking facilities on-the-ground for temporary use of maintenance service, deliveries,couriers etc., together with exclusive car access to the green courtyard (being principally car-free zone), are provided on the back of the building.
The building is designed around its interior - a garden spreading from two internal courtyards, under the arcades of the external building walls to the chaotic exterior. The building positively affects the surrounding streets with its internal values, but also invites the street life to it’s inside. Two-storey high arcades act like a buffer, creating semi-public zone equipped with variety of common facilities available for public and for the building’s inhabitants. The arcades’ zone controls and modulates eye contact and pedestrian movement between the interior and exterior.

E&L Architects designed the scheme (building permit) in 2008.


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