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Arkadia Residence

INVESTOR: Orchid Developments

LOCATION: Żoliborz, Warsaw PL

SIZE: 75 000 – 80 500 m2 PUM / 155 000 m2 gross

The development consists of multi-storey (between seven and sixteen) multifamily apartment blocks with two parking floors set out to form an open green central area between them.
The central area is designed as a small park with the main alley and internal courtyards. One of the key features which gives it its distinctive green character, is the absence of cars. Parking places for residents are located in closed garages with green roofs dedicated for users of ground floor apartments as private gardens. Drive ways and accesses to the garages are located outside the central green area. There are two open parking lots reserved for visitors at the eastern and north-western edges of the site.
The courtyards feature children’s play areas, footpaths, greenery and water ponds functioning as a meeting place and semi-public space. Small number of units with access from footways at the ground level is foreseen for local services (laundry, tobacco, bakery, etc.). This arrangement, with semi-public space and shared amenities, favours social contact and the development of a community atmosphere.

E&L Architects made in 2007 conceptual study for this multifamily residential project in Żoliborz - one of prime residential districts of Warsaw and promote it through the local planning process.


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